You asked for suggestions. . .

I would love to see you interviewed more widely. Here are some podcast suggestions:

The Mary Trump Show

Meidas Touch

Pod Save America

The Bulwark

Each of these reach a very large audience. I think your work is not only important, but critical, at the time. For one thing, I don't think the majority of people have read your books, heard you speak or heard of Trump contagion and your ideas of how to work with the major pickle we are currently in.

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What about DeSantis? Please write about him. I think he's also a danger.

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Superb, as usual. I'm already lining up for the next book!

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Excellent book proposal for what I'm sure will be a must read for everyone. There is so much continuing evidence of DT's pathological behavior coming to light, it could be a massive undertaking. Citing the voluminous supporting evidence would be like trying to catch a rainbow; as you approach, it recedes yield more supporting evidence.

Best regards,

Robert Schlesinger

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I admire your courage and support your work 100%. I will especially look for practical action recommendations I and my friends can do.

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Excellent as usual … the Trump contagion is now endemic, and will be hard, or nearly impossible to eradicate.

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I'm of the same mind as Lauren Labov. The more exposure the better. I just finished yesterdays Firing Line with guest Charlie Sykes. Please add every outlet/platform. I have contacted my congress man and Senator. Wish they were more helpful/hopeful but maybe? We all must include our efforts and voices to a never ending choir crescendo.

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Not sure if this is something within your purview but the propaganda is so harmful and it’s so out of control. Not even EJean Carrol winning her defamation suit or Fox News paying out 787 million has slowed the lies. I don’t understand why we can’t have clear cut regulations on use of airwaves or cyber space to spread false information. The two sides thing is such crap. Is it really rocket science to prevent broadcasting violence inducing speech? It seems like it should be simple common sense and there should be strong repercussions for trying to hurt people. We need constitutional lawyers and Lakoff, and Hassan, and you and whoever else might help to figure out democratic nonviolent free speech from brainwashing to have a party!!

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I am with you. Your insight is spot on. I have your books and will buy your upcoming book(s).

APA & other institutions should be ashamed for bowing to pressure to silence you. Some of them must have been infected by the Contagion.

They are ignoring the danger of assuming they are immune to the effects.

They need memorize this famous quote (paraphrased): "When they came for (others), I did not speak up. Then, when they came for me, there was no one left to speak up for me."

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Somehow a way to develop self awareness in people to recognize that they are being manipulated to be angry, bitter, resentful, fearful, etc. for the purposes of exploitation. And how Democrats seem clueless with their efforts trying to shame people for having those emotions rather than addressing what is causing them to fester. Thank you for your work.

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I like the term Trump Contagion instead of Trumpism. May I use it in my revised version of Following Jesus in the Age oF Trump? I was going to use Trumpism but I like your phrase better. I've referenced your other books and look forward to referencing your proposed new one .

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I think you are one of the most important voices speaking out about the danger our society is in and the underlying causes. It really helps me understand a problem when I learn about the internal mechanics of the situation. You do this very very well and I thank you =]

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I would like tosee other like minded people collaborate on applying the principles put forth by

Steven Haasan on the best way to connect in a positive manner with cult members. Many people are referring to those who follow Donald Trump as in a personality cult yet still do all the wrong things to promote civility and compassion.

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Yes, mental health IS psychosocial !! I've seen media refer to it as a static "thing"......either a person has or doesn't have "mental health" . Especially related to gun violence. In reference to your latest email, shortly after Trump was elected President I found myself having a "vodka & soda" with dinner (after watching the evening news) about 2-3xs a week. Since Biden's election, despite very intense evening news I no longer do this. A RED FLAG that I noticed in 2016 is that after the many many campaign rallies that Trump held while campaigning for office (often inciting intolerance and violence).

AFTER this election he CONTINUED his rallies throughout the nation and didn't stop once he entered the White House. Who campaigns AFTER a win?? A wanna be autocrat does.

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Godspeed with your new book. I'm looking forward to it, especially the part on how we can intervene. Coupla comments:

- you noted the economic stagnation, decline and inequality as a cause of the insecurity driving Trump contagion. Two points on that: 1. I don't have the actual numbers, but many Trump supporters are well-off financially. 2. Another causal factor, I think, is the decline of Christianity and the demographic changes immigration has brought.

- why did the APA mislead the public?

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Another book would be awesome! When I read your work (posts, books) first, I am saddened and alarmed by what I read. This is followed by a feeling of relief that *someone* knows what's going on, can finally explain it to me and knows what to do to heal! This is then followed by a feeling of hopelessness- as the things you write about that need to be done (e.g., mental health experts need to be consulted on how to contain Trump and the contagion) are nothing that I have control over nor can I impact. To the extent that your book can help us all understand what we can do to help divert the train wreck we see coming will be immensely helpful.

I would like to propose two sections to your book: Section I. Where we are and why ("how societal vulnerabilities give rise to mentally-impaired leaders; how they spread their pathology, criminality, and violence when in positions of power", etc.) and Section II. Interventions. As a fellow public health professional, I believe that an ecological approach will be essential to maximizing impact by intervening through as many avenues as possible. I suggest that this section be organized using an ecological framework with each intervention level it's own chapter: individual, interpersonal, civil society/community and policy/government. What concrete actions do you recommend be taken at each level of intervention? For example:

-Individual level, I could imagine one of the first actions is for each of us to protect/inoculate ourselves from falling prey to the mesmerizing pull of authoritarian messages (so how do we do this? read multiple news sources? read original documents (e.g., court filings)); What else can we do besides strengthening ourselves? Contact our senators/representatives? If yes, about what? Should we join pro-democracy organizations? If yes, how do we know which ones? Attend protests? Help register people to vote?

-Interpersonal: What is the best way to communicate with our families/neighbors who have conflicting views? Share with them how much we care about them and that we are concerned about their thinking/actions? Offer to listen to their views as long as they are willing to listen to ours? Challenge them to watch MSNBC/listen to NPR - and for every two weeks they do, treat them to dinner/or some other reward? What else can we do?!

-Civil Society/community: Religious instituions - what can religious leaders and lay persons do specifically? Educational institutions- what can teachers and administrators do? Professional organizations: which ones and what can their leaders and staff do? News organizations (!) - How do journalists hold anti-democracy politicians to account when interviewing them? What works to rein in propaganda-spewing guests - or at least to minimize their impact? (e.g., pre-tape all interviews and edit for context and fact checking - no live "town halls" with cult followers) How should news articles be written to call out authoritarianism while also reporting on the "news"?

-Policy/Government: What can senators/representatives do? What can legislative/administrative staff do? Judiciary: Is there certain language and information that judges can include in their rulings that will educate and promote the rule of law and democracy? Presidential advisors: what messages and actions should they be taking? Military leaders: What can they do to promote democracy? (e.g., get Fox from being broadcast at military bases - how does they do this?)

My plea for your recommendations is to be as specific as possible by clearly identifying the "who" and "what" specific action you advise they take.

Thank you for the great service you are providing to us through your writings and advocacy. You have been a lone voice in the wilderness, but I believe more and more people are waking up to the dangers before us. We just want to know what we can do!

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