Dr Lee, society is in a decay. Our academic institutions are not immune to the decay happening in our political & sociopolitical arenas. This is not something that's only happening in west / US, this is happening in many parts of the world. To give you a small example here in India (citing Indian intellectual Arun Shourie), some of most enlightened universities in Indian state of Gujarat are now reduced to a dumpster with Fascistization of state.

A political system doesn't get corrupted in isolation. Behind a corrupt political system, stands corrupted institutions, corrupted courts, corrupted bureaucracy, corrupted intellectuals and corrupted media. The academic institutions today are unfortunately a legitimizing force of this failed system of ours. Here in India, the vice-chancellors of our elite universities are people who are not even qualified to be clerks & janitors. This is not an overstatement. One way to destroy an institution is to install an incompetent scoundrel at the top who will poison the whole institution. (Just like Trump's judicial appointments, DoJ appointments etc & how it compromised America).

Apart from Psychology/Psychiatry institutions (elite universities & bodies like APA), economics is highly corrupted discipline and profession. Renegade Economists like Randall Wray, Steve Keen, Steven Hail, Marc Lavoie etc explains how the Economics Phds destroys the young generation through propagation of failed economic theories & ideas. Then these professionals propagate the failed ideas into policy and management, creating more failures. The whole economics profession is now a rubble. And its not a surprise that our economic policies have killed this planet, created gargantuan inequality, created billionaires like Trump, Elon Musk & Rupert Murdoch and created poverty & starvation on grand scale.

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I’ve commented elsewhere that I formerly served as an administrative associate at a very large “flagship,” as it proclaims itself, university. I worked mainly in an academic department but also in a campus management department. Both experiences were telling of the inner workings of the institution. I assisted with faculty reviews, promotions, recruitment, and hiring. I also assisted with grad recruitment and grad employee hiring. Right before my eyes I saw very intelligent, talented, educated, even renowned professors make decisions that weren’t wholly constructive. Further, the college the department was under quickly went downhill. This university influences the entire city which is only growing for the wealthy just like the university. I have so much more to say. My experience was kind of academic feudalism. Custodial, maintenance, and grad employees qualified for various government assistance programs, then.

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Power loves an enactment - or forces one because it has lost empathy for people and humanity. Dacher Keltner describes THE POWER PARADOX in his book by the same name (groups raise leaders in power because of their empathy, but then power corrodes empathy). There are other means to power - privilege, talent, abuse, extreme abuse - and these don't require empathy at all. So there's an empathy problem, and a great frustration that turns into rage - some of Trump's support can probably be chalked up to this too - he captures the resentment and rage people have (because their privilege is being challenged, and because they have insufficient empathy received) Here are two articles: first re power:

MOSF 18.11: Abusive Power and Megalomania Perpetuate Racial, Cultural, Transhistorical, & Intergenerational Trauma (Part 2) https://eastwindezine.com/mosf-18-11-abusive-power-and-megalomania-perpetuate-racial-cultural-transhistorical-intergenerational-trauma-part-2/

second re the Good Heart:

MOSF 17.11: Do Trump Supporters or Their Opponents Have “Good Hearts”? https://eastwindezine.com/mosf-17-11-do-trump-supporters-or-their-opponents-have-good-hearts/

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