Thank you for your continuing wisdom and understanding of these very perilous times.

Thank you for sharing the letter of response. It will help in bringing a more healthy and palatable discourse among disagreeing parties.

I only wish more people were willing to listen and learn.

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I have thought for some time on the relationship between freedom and responsibility. I like that you clarified that rights arise from responsibilities. Thank you also for pointing out the Latin origins of the word “responsibility.” This all gives clarifying context. A psychologist I saw years ago told me once that he believed I was afraid of taking responsibility for myself because I was terrified of truly being free. Responsibility seems to be a structure healthy people hold up well.

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Thank you for this. Yours is one of the voices that gives me hope today. I felt pretty sad after watching the news tonight, seeing American college students and others arguing and even resorting to violence over the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. Your thoughtful and balanced approach is what we need now. Thank you.

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The entire trauma from beginning to end was planned by Vladimir putin, along with the leaders of Hamas. And unfortunately, Many Jews also suspect Bibi is part of the plan.

This sole purpose was to divide the world especially in democratic countries, which appears to have been an effective psyop. The amount of mis/disinformation immediately after the kidnapping gang rapes immolation torture slaughter and beheadings by Hamas, blaming the Jews for their understandable response, by huge social media influencers in ALL DEMOCRACIES WAS MIND BOGGLING! That MM just kept picking up that next shiny object without regard for the consequences was criminal.

Even now Hamas leader’s new video proclaims for all Palestinian women to sacrifice themselves and their children as human shields while he sits in his $10000 Italian suit in lap of luxury in Doha Qatar. All Hamas leaders live this lifestyle thanks to the support of Arab nations who say the money is for the care of Palestinians but look the other way while the money is used by these thieves. Palestinians as their sacrificial lamb for Arab & Muslim leaders to use as a cudgel against their own peoples while they too rob their people blind and keep them in autocratic bondage.

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Conspiracy of silence. There's a conspiracy of silence plaguing our intellectuals, experts and even academicians. Certain things cannot be discussed, debated and confronted. How a series of failures (in CIA, FBI, WH Intelligence etc) occurred that lead to 9/11 attack ? There were tons of questions raised by professionals Architects & Engineers on official version of collapse of WTC - But no, you can never question that. All things brushed under the carpet. You cannot question an official govt narrative. (Even when Govt is bunch of Pathocrats & worst criminals). Then it lead to 20 years of Wars in Middle east - Iraq & Afghanistan, Trillions of $$$ worth of profits to defense industry, millions of civilians killed in Middle east, thousands of American troops killed, tens of thousands of Americans & their families suffering from psychological trauma of wars.

Today, the narrative on Palestine is pigeonholed in very small context - Hamas terrorism killed Israelis, Israelis are killing Hamas. Civilians are caught between the crossfires of atrocities. Israelis are using disproportionate force etc.

One has to broaden his thinking to see the big picture. How did the attack took place? Why Israeli intelligence, military & agencies - all systematically failed on Oct 7? Why all warnings (US & Egypt also gave advanced warning) of the attack were missed? Then look at even bigger picture - Cui Bono. Bibi's political career is at the end of line. Indicted on corruption charges, facing prosecution. Despised by vast segment of Israeli society for economic failures, dictatorial policies, destroying Israeli Judiciary to preserve his rule - his pattern of dictatorship is similar to Trump's ambitions. Actually Bibi is of the same ilk of Trump, Putin & Modi.

What does a corrupted dictator do when he gets cornered? He creates a crisis to consolidate power & prolong his rule? So the first thing we actually need is investigation of Oct 7 attacks. Hamas is a strategic asset of Bibi. Israelis created this monster as a counterweight against secular PLO Govt of Palestine. Hamas is directly & indirectly funded by Israel. It's a long documented history.


While exchanges of ideas & opinions is important, what's crucial is that we widen our frame of thinking and confront the uncomfortable questions. US could never do that on 9/11 attacks in era of Neocons and that left a permanent scar on American intellectual dignity.

PS - In Neocon thesis pre-9/11 titled Project for new American century - they vaguely mention a "Pearl harbor scale event" that will be needed to trigger the transformation.

While people are talking about Hamas terrorism and Israeli response. It's omitted that there exists a plan by Zionist think tanks (tied to Bibi) which proposes ethnic cleansing of Gaza, pushing entire Gaza population into Egypt and capture Palestinian land. The plans for ethnic cleansing of Gaza were already in place even before Oct 7 which became the event that could trigger the execution of those plans. The plans actually look a fantasy because Egypt will never collaborate with Israelis to kick Palestinians into Egyptian territory. But madman like Trump, Putin & Bibi live in fantasy world.

Broaden your thinking.

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Thank you Dr. Lee.

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The assessment of “Dead World Walking” is highly accurate.

-Openness to experience is a key component of intelligence. The digital world is allowing “Openness” to be eliminated on an unprecedented scale.

-Our brains are designed to use our 5 senses, in concert, to perceive and navigate the world. The complexities of this process are still not fully understood but the repercussions of separating and/or removing some of them is evident all around us. The dominance of the digital world as the primary way to interact with each other and the world is not conducive with how our brains are designed. Recognizing this phenomenon is the key to the solution.

-To begin to change the destructive path we are on, we must focus on restoring the points mentioned above. This cannot be achieved digitally. It will require one on one interaction - an analog solution. I have found it is not difficult to engage, one on one, with people and without them realizing it, begin to restore their ability to think and form logical conclusions. I have experienced success even with those with the most extreme views. This is replicable on a large scale.

-I have always taught, “The key to communicating is to find the other’s currency.” At present, no amount of expertise, petitions, or protests will penetrate because most are not speaking the other’s language (figuratively), you don’t “know the secret handshake” so to speak. Separate and educate the individuals and balance can begin to be restored.

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Thank you!

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We must learn to respond.


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