Dr Lee, there are theories about what motivated Putin regime to wage war of aggression on Ukraine - and this is undoubtedly a war of aggression, not a war of self defense as Putin claims.

Jeffery Sach's account is that NATO enlargement and overthrow of Yanukovich by US is the motivator of Ukraine war. It is not. The analysis of former Russian General Ivashov is more reasonable. Ivashov stated that while the threat of NATO certainly exists, it by no means warranted a response of a full scale war of aggression against Ukraine. The motivating factor for Ukraine war are several & complex but one of the reasons is Putin's own internal failures of governance and leadership. The Demographics crisis, failures to modernize Russian economy, failure to address institutionalized corruption and failure to bettering the life of Russian society. Putin regime failed on these challenges. To divert attention from self failure and to preserve his rule till eternity, Putin used nationalistic agenda of creating an empire.

Ivashov being a military analyst also warned that Ukraine war will be catastrophic failure for Russia. He concluded this from logistical, geopolitical, demographic and economic point of view. It takes great courage to speak against Kremlin in Russia as Putin silences his critiques (Putin's critiques often fall from their balconies to death). Dr Lee, you have been courageous to speak up against institutionalized corruption in APA and academic institutions who have been mute against malignant normality in American Politics and society.

Sachs was among the architects of 'shock therapy' economic doctrine that was part of 'Washington consensus'. These policies created Oligarchies and massive economic inequality in various countries, increased poverty and plunged standards of living of society, shock therapy nurtured crony capitalism & looting of state property by gangsters. Shock therapy was one of the factors that created Russian Oligarchs and rise of Putin in Russia.


Ivashov's 2022 letter on upcoming Ukraine war


Ivashov's 2023 interview on present situation of war (use google translate)


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It will become WWIII if we don't push Russia out of Ukraine and we must give Ukraine everything it needs to achieve this goal. There is no way to just end the war, Putin won't allow that and giving into Putin means Putin will crush Ukraine. Then NATO becomes the target. Putin was going after Ukraine no matter what, he's Hitler!

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