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Dr Lee, your recent interview on Trump's unfitness stand accurate but more needs to be said on remedies other than mental health intervention. As far as mental health is concerned, it's completely true that isolating Trump from his followers is very necessary to stop the spread of contagion. I also support a psychological fitness examination of commander in chief as he controls the nuclear weapons. (Although the politicians will simply appoint their handmaiden as psychological examiners who will give "all clear" to the President). Trump needs to be locked up undoubtedly and rule of law should be enforced.

But coming back to malignant normality. We can blame the CNN (or shall i say the QNN) for giving Trump the platform. But normalization is not just the fault of CNN. We should also say that APA has abandoned its responsibility and allowed Trump contagion to spread and reach the pandemic proportion. So it's also the fault of APA. And we can also say that law enforcement apparatus and DOJ wasn't swift enough to timely prosecute the most dangerous criminal of America. So justice was delayed and Trump remained free and then he announced his 2nd bid for the WH. So the fault of malignant normalization is actually a broader fault of whole system and institutions which have become decayed and hollow enough that they cannot control a dangerous person who can rapidly spread his psychotic delusions.

Now talking about remedies and curing the "infected" people of this psychic pandemic. I haven't heard a cure of Trumpism (apart from spreading the contagion by restricting the chief spreaders of contagion that is Trump but also spreaders like Tucker Carlson, Fox, Twitter, Musk, Infowars etc). How can cultic programming be reversed? Is it even possible? And with rise of new variants of Trump (the mini dictators copycats like Governor Ron DeSantis), it's becoming more difficult to stop Trump contagion.

But one thing i can definitely say. The most important ingredient to save society is not just the mental health intervention (that is important) but also Economic program to reform the economy, address socioeconomic disparity, give people opportunity to improve & "fix" their lives, give them hope. No amount of mental health intervention will be able to fix a society that is economically degrading, with falling standards of living, rising unemployment, in a literal death spiral (like climate change crisis). So fixing the economy is THE key to this problem. And it's actually the greatest challenge. How can we rebuild an economy to address inequality? How can we rebuild an economy that transforms our energy production, transmission, consumption to address climate change while also creating employment to address inequality? And Climate change is a global problem. How can we reshape Globalized world order for planetary survival? And intertwined with global economic problems are Trade wars, currency wars, dog eat dog capitalism and brutal resistance by countries and corporations that resist great reforms.

Dr Lee, it's critical to figure out solutions to our economic challenges. You will find that this field is also full of corrupt leaders who dominate the subject. There are also good economists like Claudia Sahm, Stephanie Kelton, Brad Delong, Dean Baker etc (with their own specialization in sub disciplines) who can tell you how corrupted the field of economics is. How difficult is to change discourse in public policy, how difficult is to change conventional economic paradigms (that created all the economic misery).

And Historians are also key to stop Trumpism. Political & Economic Historians have decades & centuries worth of knowledge and studied the patterns of changes in human civilization, the mistakes it made and tragedies it lead to. Historians will help put everything into context and perspective as per the window to the past. Historians can also guide us about reforming political system by informing about various failures of the past. Reforming our present political system is also very necessary (will elaborate on this in future). Then we can address the challenges of today & tomorrow with better insight.

Addressing Trumpism is a multidimensional challenge which will require herculean effort with vast plethora of knowledge of various fields and subjects. Medical professionals, Economists, Historians, Intellectuals, Philosophers (various fields) etc etc are all needed to address the challenge we face.

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Thanks Bandy! This article "nails" the reality of the moment, yet again! Can this article be circulated among other therapists and others who would benefit, IMHO? Also thinking about my local newspaper - Editorial page... maybe a stretch, maybe not? Would need your permission.

Another idea is to forward to my CO Attorney General, Phil Weiser, and Governor Polis, and my local Representative, Joe Negese (whom I gave a copy of your book several years ago!) You have woven together earlier "history of Trump" with today's unraveling of ability to hold responsible anyone who lies and misrepresents 'reality' of facts. Laraine Pounds, MSN, RN, Psychiatric Clinical Specialist, retired, Boulder, CO Let me know.

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I consider any president who embraces war and nuclear weapons to be a "severely mentally-impaired" and morally-impaired president.

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Dr Lee, I was appalled at trumps town hall on TV and was so angry I could spit, and wanted to cry. I couldn’t figure out why would CNN allow that? From the moment he announced his 2016 bid for president, I rolled my eyes and said “there’s no way”. Then that contagion took hold in this country to my dismay. Why can some folks see trump for what he is and others love him? Why aren’t more women angry about his behavior? He’s like a child on a 4th grade playground with the name calling. How can the information be put out on the right winged “news” media? I’m sure if all the people who’ve been lied to were told the truth they wouldn’t want trump in office. But, by now they’re most likely brainwashed into believing conspiracies. We must vote to prevent him from getting back into office.

Thank you so very much for your insights and sound information.

Best regards,

Tambra Rolin

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Yes totally I agree. Daily I am sick to my stomach by what is happening again & again. Now with the latest case of rape/not a rape. Trump got a fine? Means nothing to him. Will not deter him from doing it again. Now his supporters will think they can commit rape too and get a fine! I'm just sick.

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I think in is worth pointing out Trump's constant use of primitive defense mechanisms and the damage they do. For me this is especially true with projective identification topping the long list. No need for diagnosis. Just a complete list. These alone spotlight his inability to fully function. Presidentially or otherwise. Locally he is the family member no one wants around the family table. Fast forward to globally to demonstrate the likely tragedy we should expect. Never invite this personality over. Never allow in the neighborhood. never put it on the air waves.

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I listened to your interview with Mary Trump where she cited her mental health credentials as a PhD psychologist so I don't understand your critical comments about her but I do agree that theCNN Town Hall was not a wise decision.

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