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I'm grateful to still be here to reach out. I'm absolutely hated by him and have been harshly handled in regards to my finances, family, and survival. I've never showed him any opposition or hate yet I am targeted harshly here since 2017. There are no jurisdictions or resources available for us here in this country. I've lost Alot and am still a target. I am forced to relocate without family, protection, or retributions as he is supported. I don't even know if I will be able to leave my current living space before I am compromised. I am not received by anyone here and am not allowed to speak out or to solicit any help, or protection. I've been viewed as a target in my country. I wish I had some help, assistance or vindication in these contracts on for and against me as he attempts to turn all of my tables as a victim. I am looking for my own way out which has been blocked or sabotaged. No one understands my plight here as they look on in his direction as he was supposedly indicted. I will continue to pray for you and yours. I know exactly what you mean 💯 Please pray for me as I am unable to get support, guidance, or respect in regards to my actions, requests for these things as hacked phones one every month for a year are changed, deleted emails, pertinent information, and contacts are compromised leaving me vulnerable for missing important notices & updates on FBI complaint tip tickets and requests for lawyer consultations have been deleted or frozen. I am in no way vulnerable mentally after suffering so many losses while I'm being watched and scrutinized. There are no representatives here for us, me. I'm not the only one. I am not allowed to speak or be me. Thank you so much I thought I was trapped in a place where no one else could see or experience these things. I'm not a threat nor a violent person and as a female senior citizen of 63 I don't suffer any deteriorating conditions thank God. I tried to be responsible which I am. I pray for your Mother & family may God continue to protect you and yours. Thank you for the outlet and forum which assists in our own healing under such circumstances.

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