Amen Dr Lee.

It's not just the APA. It's every media outlet that has not listened to you and your colleagues, and those who have actively muzzled you. It's Yale University.

Maybe WE should take a lesson from the majority of the population in Israel.

Thanks for everything you do.

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The dangers of malignant narcissism and the destruction it's causing humanity as a whole needs to be widely presented on a platform for education, exposure and to legislate meaningful change within the mental health systems and law inforcement/prosecution.

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I remain surprised at how poorly news media figures understand the psyche of Donald Trump. They seem to think if someone violates laws, then they are criminal and not mentally impaired. They seem to think you can be either mentally impaired or criminal. Of course so many of the worst world leaders have indeed been both. This is something that the APA could have clarified if they chose to, but they did not. They could have advocated for mental health standards in politicians in a non-partisan way. They chose not to. Having the honor of the word AMERICAN in their title, there are minimum standards that should go along with claiming it.

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