Dr. Lee, you are on the money. The APA is very invested in being "apolitical" and focused on strict Mental Health/Substance Abuse issues - but there is a divide. There is a sense that the membership's bonds are so fragile that a political disagreement would tear it apart. There is a lot of sheer ignorance amongst Assembly members and members of the Board, Executive Council, etc. regarding dangerous and violent rhetoric, and how pathological leaders can create or amplify an ecosystem for violence. There is willful abstention on this issue, and I have experienced it firsthand. However, there is a split. There is a focus on DEIBA and Social Determinants of Mental Health (SDOMH), and there are many psychiatrists who get it. These are opposed by a faction who may either be conservatives and even Trump supporters (80% of psychiatrists are Democrats). There is also significant racism and ignorance about power imbalances amongst the membership. These combined to produce a confection of bias against you and your reasoned ideas. Some of us are still fighting the good fight, but apparently the problem has to be as plain as the nose on the face of the country before the APA MIGHT be willing to say a word, officially. Complicity and silence are death, though. Here's what this shrink thinks about power.

MOSF 18.11: Abusive Power and Megalomania Perpetuate Racial, Cultural, Transhistorical, & Intergenerational Trauma (Part 2) https://eastwindezine.com/mosf-18-11-abusive-power-and-megalomania-perpetuate-racial-cultural-transhistorical-intergenerational-trauma-part-2/

Which of Six Power Types Will You Embody and Support? | Psychology Today https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/the-pacific-heart/202209/which-six-power-types-will-you-embody-and-support

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people who care need to go out and vote. To not vote is a vote for Trump. We outnumber those MAGAs! Look at the results of 2020! He is in fantasy land if he and his supporters think he's ever gonna be POTUS ever again.

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Of course I "like" here, as I've been sharing this point myself! It fosters hope in a very meaningful and practical way.

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George: I offer some minor editorial suggestions and a rant.

• “People who care need to [volunteer with the Dem Party and help Get Out The Vote (GOTV) and urge others to do the same.]” It is no longer enough “… to [just] go out to vote.”

• It is true: “To not vote is a vote for [t]rump.”

• “[We’re] in fantasy land if [we] think [he can’t] be POTUS again.” Complacency and overconfidence are as contraindicated as denial, despair, hopelessness, or indifference. Let’s not underestimate the guy. One never ever should underestimate the enemy. We do so at our own peril. Too much is at stake. On the other hand, we aught not overestimate djt, either.

My fear is that Biden is over confident and underestimating trump. He is so overconfident that he is routinely flipping his proverbial middle finger at his base, as he has done by embracing and aiding and abetting a fascist and corrupt mass murderer, Prime Minister Netanyahu, willingly becoming complicit in genocide and other war crimes that need to be investigated by ICC. He has failed to support the UN efforts to stop the civilian Palestinian carnage.

Biden is giving the impression of a weak sycophant, failing to learn from crimes we committed in attacking Iraq and Afghanistan based on lies and offering impunity to those that deceived us into yet another war. I should mention Biden’s despicable and shameful fist-bumping with MBS, apparently responsible for ordering the murder of the Washington Post reporter. Biden’s popularity amongst people of color, our youth and other progressives, including myself, should be concerning. Biden has also been a disappointment, to say the least, to real environmentalists and advocates for Healthcare for all; again, myself included. Biden promised a public option, only to renege. Let’s not forget his betrayal of youth who he has failed to fight for by forgiving the student loan scandal.

Going back to Biden’s despicable complicity in the massacre of Palestinians, out of proportion to the despicable carnage by Hamas: We should not respond to terrorism with even more terrorism.

We aught to listen and act on news that Biden would lose if the elections where held today. On top of Biden’s gaffes, let’s not underestimate the effect on elections results that GOP voter suppression may have; while we’ve been engage in timid defensiveness.

Lastly, allow me to respectfully and in solidarity urge that if we want to win we must urge Biden and our congress persons demand a cease-fire, stop all non humanitarian aid to Israel and support ICC investigations of both Israel and Hamas war crimes, including genocide, apartheid, collective punishment, targeting civilians and civilian infrastructure, etc. We aught not support fascist, wannabe dictators like Netanyahu and should show and feel outrage when civilians are slaughtered, even when the slaughter is caused by ill chosen “friends.”

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Excellent, as always. I keep shaking my head over seeing Trump as running around like an escapee from what used to be called a "mental asylum." I, too, wish that people with lawful authority would already prosecute and convict Trump, while also, in consultation with behavioral health professionals, have him be directly examined by them. I think that an ultimate ruling of "guilty but mentally ill" (in the terminology prior to "mental disorder") would be best rendered as most accurate and appropriate--and necessary for the safety of us all. "Confirmation bias" (proudly held by me in general about Trump!) can be found in a great Atlantic article regarding him and fascism (it mentions Ruth Ben-Ghiat's scholarly work): https://www.theatlantic.com/newsletters/archive/2023/11/trump-crosses-a-crucial-line/676031/?utm_source=copy-link&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=share , It's a continuing validation of Dr. Lee's efforts.

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From Making Sense with Sam Harris Podcast "Gaza and Global Order" - an interview with Yaval Noah Harari:


The person I am quoting is Yaval Noah Harari (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yuval_Noah_Harari), author of the book Sapiens

".....who divided the nation against itself, and put his personal interests before the national interest...., appointing people to key positions on the basis of personal and political loyalties, and not on the basis of competence, accusing the serving elites of the country of being in the 'deep state', traitors.... elites should be positive, giving service to their country in the military, the universities, and the judicial system. 'Elites' has become a pejorative term (for him and his followers)..... and over the last years he's undermined democracy. He was warned again and again by people in the army, intelligence, that this is weakening (country in question) at this very very dangerous moment, and distracting all the country and security forces from the main threats. And he simply ignored all the warnings, and now we are playing the price for it. And I think this is a lesson that people all over the world should take to heart, that if you vote for a strongman and the like, then eventually the comes a day when entire nations pay a very high price for it."

Harari is a professor, an Israeli intellectual, and of course he's talking about Netanyahu, but I think it you could be easily think that he's talking about Trump. The two of them have similar malignant narcissism in their blood and brains.

Dr Lee has been issuing similar warnings for now what, seven years? She's been muzzled by the APA and Yale University. The media and politicians better start paying attention to her (and us - the MAJORITY of the free thinking population of this country, whether we are 'elite' or not) before it's too late.

Dr Lee, maybe go back to Congress.

Maybe we should petition the APA and most other major media (PBS, MSNBC, CNN, etc) to get the message back out. We can only hear so much from lawyers who have their own way of looking at things. We can not rely on the judicial system to fix this world wide problem. Trump is like an isolated cancer in a body riddled with metastases. Physicians know what's needed but they need to be heard.

I highly recommend Sam Harris' Podcast "Making Sense". Dr Lee, perhaps he could have you on as a guest.

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I am so grateful for your approach. You have listed the factors which deny truth to the public. A film I studied in 2021 in university, Lang's 'M' is about this gang violence. This resurgence of scholars and professors teaching solutions becomes mainstream. I notice it is important that once I see someone in the gaze of the leader, it is me who must move away. There is nothing I can do for them, but must act well, noticing the behavior and not participating in it.

I have been doing this work for some time now as this is in families, precludes violence in families, can be bolstered by someone with this character structure to harm the family and is unfortunately very common. Solutions such as understanding like your excellent newsletter is crucial.

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Most republicans stand with Trump no matter what they actually think or know is not true. His MAGA cult followers only see him as their strong leader of retribution. In the worst of worst outcomes there may not be a first and second amendment once he makes America great again.This madman must be restrained. What possesses him may explode before we get halfway through 2024. We, the real people in our country are greater in number, and we won't trade our democracy for anything. The monster seems to be going insane for all to witness.

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Thank you Dr. Lee. Admire you so much!!

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